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At Home Detox Kit

At Home Detox Kit

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Please Note-  Order fulfillment for these kits are 5-7 days  

The Sanctuary detox kit is perfect for detoxing right from the comfort of your own home. Our 10 Day regimen provides you with everything you need to help support you successfully detox. Our regimen is entirely organic, plant based, and top quality herbal ingredients. All targeted to assist the body in removing - Parasites, Heavy Metals, aluminum, chemicals, muquoided plaque, rope worm, and egg nests. 

This kit includes:

Our Organic Herbal Parasite Tincture, Organic Colon Psyllium Binder, Organic Kidney Tea, Tea Steeper, Organic Purium Power Shake, Purium Plant Based Super Aminos (to support the muscles), Purium Biome Medic, Enema Bag, Copper Tongue Scraper, Organic Coconut Lymph Brush, Quartz Crystal Stone, Sage for smudging and killing bacteria, Palo Santo to remove negative energy. Our complete Detox PDF Guide.

For ultimate cleansing we suggest starting this 10 day regimen at home kit, 3 days before the Full Moon.

Detox at your own risk.

We do not recommend if you're currently pregnant or nursing.

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