Frequently Asked Questions.

Where are you located?
We are located in Ivins, Utah
How long does it take for my order to ship?
Please allow us 5-7 Business Days to fulfill your order. Once it ships you will receive an email notification. We ship 2 Day priority. 
How does the At Home Detox Kit work?
Our detox kit is designed to help remove toxins, heavy metals, and parasites from the body, with the support of our herbal products. The Sanctuary Detox kit comes with everything you need, as well as, a step by step PDF Guide to help you successfully cleanse from the comfort of your own home.
Are your products Organic?
Yes, quality is so important to us. All of our products are organic and with with high-quality ingredients to ensure the best detox experience.
Can I do this if I am nursing or pregnant?
We do not recommend this detox for anyone pregnant, or nursing. Our ten day regimen consists of a very strict liquid diet, and we don't want you to risk not getting your milk supply drying up, or you're not getting what you need while pregnant.
Do you ship internationally?
As of right now we don't, however, we are hopeful we will be very soon in the near future.
Do I have to have to cleanse during the Full Moon?
The answer to this is no, but your body's circadian rhythm responds to the Moon's cycle, and parasites are most active and reproductive coinciding with your circadian rhythm. Leveraging the Moon cycle can disrupt parasite rhythms and can be really helpful for eradicating them. We suggest starting your Detox 3-5 Days prior to the Full Moon.
Do I need to take work off to complete this cleanse?
This is a gentle cleanse. Everyones experience can be a little different. You may have days where you feel amazing, fueled and energized. You may have days where you feel your body needs to rest and take it easy. As far as feeling like you need to stay stuck to the toilet, that is not the case. You'll go to the bathroom like regular. Most people are fine to go on with their day to day activities as usual. But again, this is your time to renew, reset and go within. So prioritize giving yourself the time you need to do that, and listen to your body.
Do I have to do an enema every day?
Yes, we need your bowels moving for this cleanse. Having your drainage pathways open is key to successfully detoxing.
What is the diet like for ten days?
You are going off meat, dairy, gluten, caffeine, and all processed foods and sugars.
Our bodies spend 85% of our energy digesting food and we want that 85% to go towards regenerating and healing the body as well as give our colon a break so we can give it a good cleaning.
You’re on a fruit and liquid diet, and we provide soup recipes for you to purée!
Is this cleanse safe for kids?
We cannot recommend this to anyone under 18.
 How often do you recommend this detox?
Anywhere from 6-18 months, depending on health, diet, environment. The more you cleanse the more your body speaks to you. Your body will let you know when it's ready to detox again.