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Organic Psyllium Binder

Organic Psyllium Binder

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Our Sanctuary binder is an essential tool in the process of eliminating during detox. Psyllium husk acts like a brush, scrubbing the bowels clean. The bentonite Clay and activated charcoal pull and absorb toxins, such as, chemicals, mold, candida, heavy metals, aluminum, and parasites out of the intestinal lining of your colon.

Affirmation: I easily release all that is no longer serving me.

Ingredients: Organic Psyllium Husk, Food Grade Organic Coconut Charcoal, Food Grade Organic Bentonite Clay.

Suggest use: 1 tablespoon in the Morning one hour prior to food and drink. 1 Tablespoon in the evening one hour after ingesting food or drink. Best if mixed with organic grape or apple juice.

We do not recommend if nursing or pregnant.

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Customer Reviews

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Cecilia Barrenechea
great product

I started opening my pathways last week, in a more mellow cleansing, taking the binder and performing enemas, I did it 5 days, 2 days of break and started this week again.
The change I noticed on the second day was unbelievable!! I immediately started releasing parasites, my levels of energy increased, mental clarity, I noticed that I even started sleeping better at night. I'm extremely surprised and excited to have this as my lifestyle, I 100% recommend!!

Carlee Richins
Missing Binder

I’m so disappointed! I received My kit a week ago but have been waiting to start until today! I read Through the protocol, bought all the food and was totally prepare to start this morning! I didnt Open the box until this morning. I’m missing the binder. Super bummed I cant Start it.

Hey beauty, Shoot, Im so sorry, thats not fun to be missing one of the best parts. I will send a binder over night to you. Please send me an email to confirm your order number so I can make this right for you. xoxo -Errin

Jitesh Suratwala

This works vey well. Easy instructions to follow.

Jeremiah Nash
WÖW this stuff works wonders!

I have now drank 3 whole packets of this stuff and it has changed my life. I am a forever drinker now.

Madalene perez
works very well

Its very gross how well it works. LOL I added spirulina and cholera since this is a good binder. Easy to drink, no bad taste.

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